About Åssiden Upper Secondary School

Åssiden Upper Secondary is the largest school for vocational studies in Norway, located 5 km outside Drammen city centre. In addition to an extensive selection of vocational programs, Åssiden offers a Media and communication program(general studies), a preparatory program for minorities and supplementary studies qualifying for higher education.

Building D, one of the 7 buildings on campus

The school campus consists of 7 buildings, housing 8 departments with approximately 2100 pupils and 340 employees. A majority of the pupils are enrolled in two year vocational programs, followed by a two year apprenticeship period.

Study programs offered at Åssiden 

  • Hairdressing, floral, interior and retail design
  • Building and construction
  • Electrical trades and electronics
  • Healthcare, childhood and youth development
  • Information technology and media production
  • Restaurant and food processing
  • Technological and industrial production
  • Media and communication (general academic studies program) 
  • Combination classes (preparatory year for minority applicants)
  • Supplementary general studies qualifying for higher education


Pedagogical focus areas

  • Assessment and feedback for motivation and sense of achievement
  • Language learning in all subjects
  • International projects
  • Sustainable development


STOLT-farm: The school has its own farm! Our vision is to transform  the STOLT-farm into an education arena focusing on sustainability in vocational crafts.  


International projects: The school is currently working with an increasing number of internasjonal projects. The object is to increase the students language skills and expand their cultural perspectives 

STOLT Web store: We have our own web store! The object is to have a plattform where we display all products and services our pupils are offering. Åssiden wants to be visible in the local community and give access to our pupils projects. By selling some of the students work  we hope to increase the status and visibility of the vocational programs. Visit STOLT-web store today!


"Doffen" foodtruck

Christmas marked: Once a year we open our own chritmas marked on camous right before Christmas. Here our students sell self produced foods and crafts.   


Foodtruck: Our foodtruck, Doffen, is used by the department of restaurant and food production to transport our food and cakes out to local events and markeds.